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Interim Manager Munich, Bavaria and Southern Germany

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Interim Manager for Munich, Bavaria and South Germany

I am based in the greater area of Munich. As an Interim Manager I can be at your service quickly and flexibly in the Munich area, Bavaria as well as southern Germany. As an Interim Manager I support you in finance, IT or service functions. Whether as line manager, project manager, program manager or in another role. Based on my 15 years of project experience, I bring with me the ability to familiarise myself quickly into the situation of the company. My tool box with proven methods I have established over the years is an advantage you can use.

What makes Interim Management so valuable for you

Starting with that Germany has quite a different labour market than you might be used in other markets like the US or UK. While 6 weeks notice period is the minimum, notice periods of 6 months or more are very common. That makes it time consuming to get a manager when you need one urgently.
Secondly like consultants Interim managers provide the company with external know-how and experience. In addition, they usually have many years of implementation expertise and a are able to create a feeling for the situation and culture of the company. Interim Manager do not just sit in meeting rooms, but are a temporary member of the staff. This is what makes interim managers so effective. Interim managers do not just make concepts, they implement it together with the employees. So employees get used to the new way of working. That makes it more valuable than just slide ware left in the drawer and forgotten after a while. “Yeah, we had a similar suggesting from a consultant years ago. I think it was great stuff. It never got implemented. Nobody really knows why.” That is what I often hear. So I don’t offer bigger miracles than the others after all, I just make them happen more often than others.
Even that is not entirely through. The people in the company start making it happen while I am around. Often it is just a little help and coaching they need to become great implementers. I am the one who is getting hurdles out of their way. May it be the cleaner, the middle management or the board itself. I make them being part of the tribe driving the change. And if something of it does not work as expected, we simply through it away and create something that does. Agile is the faster and better way of doing.

Why me?

With my experience I can quickly jump in and take over upcoming tasks and projects. For more than 15 years I am used to work in a project environment where change is required. I have seen many companies and many situation. None of them was easy. In this time I created a tool set helping me to get quick insides and deliver results.
During the project time I work as part of the management team in your company. I analyse the situation and start the implementation with your team. As soon as someone is available to take over, I ensure a sound and smooth handover.

How much does Interim Management cost?

What you should ask first ist what return on my investment do I get when hiring an Interim Manager ? There are studies done on this subject very frequently. For example by Ludwig Heuse Interim does a very common one. These studies claim a factor of 2 – 5 for the ROI of an Interim Management Mandat in Germany. That is also my experience. The fresh view from outside by an experienced manager is almost always helping to find quick wins. Altough it should never be the sole reason for hiring one. Low fruits are easier to grap, high hanging fruits are sweeter.
After all for the calculation of the a daily rate this formula may help getting into the right direction. Take the costs of a permanent employee for this position per year. From this calculate 0,9% as a day rate. That is a good starting point for a day rate for an interim manager.

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