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Why do could you need an Interim CEO

The first reason might be that the German labour market in general, but also for C-Level Manager is very long term orientated. A notice period of 6 to 12 months is normal. Very different to the UK and US. If you in need of a new CEO it usually takes time to get one.
On the other hand there are many reasons why a managing director needs to leave the company on short notice. Sometimes CEOs are planning to leave the company for a job with the competition and you don’t want him in office anymore. A sudden illness forces the managing director to step back. A restructuring requires new skills immediately. And so on. There are probably many reasons why a managing director or CEO is leaving the company on short notice, despite the long notice periods.

To avoid not having a managing director in place there is one of the reasons why there is an established market for interim managing directors in Germany. It is a common approach to hire interim manager in Europe and in Germany.

One of them is me. I can start my work in a very short notice. From my home location in Munich, I can work as interim managing director at any location in Germany. Due to the excellent flight connections from Munich Airport, I can also act for you ad interim as Managing Director at many locations within the EU. A time consuming and expensive move from Munich to this location is not necessary. Within the EU, I can organize travel and accommodation myself.
For 17 years I have been entrusted with management and leadership tasks. Be it as interim manager for private equity managed companies, as consultant to the managing directors and CFO of subsidiaries or as advisory board member for companies. As an interim manager I have been in many situations and can handle imponderables and surprises.

I am used to a quick familiarization and have developed my own techniques and methods for this purpose. Within a few weeks, I am usually fully operational and can manage the company to its full extent. Should unusual occurrences requiring quick action, I can find and provide additional know-how from my network.

Focus and improvements during the mandate

The most important task for the interim managing director is to ensure the continuity of the ongoing business. Secondly it is also very important to have a smooth hand over of the role. I take great care to ensure that my successor in this role is introduced as thoroughly as possible and that he is well prepared for any unpleasant surprises – which I may have found.
As interim managing director it is therefore always my concern to ensure a smooth and quick start. Several of my successors have described this as the best introduction they received in their entire career.
Depending on the situation and mandate, I also strive not only to hand over the entrusted task in an orderly manner, but also to introduce improvements wherever it makes sense and is goal-oriented.
My many years of experience in various commercial functions as well as a corresponding methodology help me to achieve this.
Often there is a lot of potential in the company itself, just waiting to be released or allowed to release itself. With my management style, I usually manage to motivate employees to take the initiative for improvements.

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